NEW YORK (March 26, 2013) – On Monday, March 25th, WEDO Youth representatives Mina Lee and Elysia Luo attended the first UN DPI/NGO Youth-led briefing on “Raising and Empowering Youth to Break the Cycle of Violence Against Women and Children”.

Background Information:
“Elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls” has been the priority theme of this year’s 57th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). It is a theme that has resonated strongly with young people who are members of the DPI/NGO Youth Representatives group associated with the Department of Public Information who believe that it is critical that the momentum to end gender-based violence which has been engendered at CSW 57 should be maintained in the future.

The DPI/NGO Youth representatives- the youth presence of their organizations- have organized this Briefing with two main goals in mind: first to promote inter-generational efforts toward the common goal of ending gender-based violence and secondly, to raise awareness about the gravity of gender-based violence and the crucial role youths need to play in actively combating violence against women. The Briefing explores four aspects of the issue of violence: domestic and sexual violence; gender-based discrimination, existing socioeconomic circumstances and current legislation in force.


Maria-Luisa Chavez: Chief, NGO Relations, Department of Public Information
Gina Leow: Youth Representative, The Ribbon International


Ahmad Alhendawi:  United Nations Secretary-General’s first Envoy on Youth
Quentin Walcott:  Co-Executive Director, ConnectNYC
Brigitte A. Watson:  Equality Works Program Coordinator; Education Law Committee

Youth Presenters:

Katrina Martinez:  Youth Representative, Association for Trauma Outreach & Prevention
Kamila Jacob:  Youth Representative, Unitarian Universalist United Nation Office
Tevia Clarke:  Youth Representative, New York Association for American-Russian Relations

NOTE: This Briefing was webcast live. Click here or watch the video below from UN Web TV. For more information, you can visit on Facebook or Twitter page of UN DPI/NGO.

(Source: UN DPI-NGO)

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