New York, June 25–In the past few weeks, the GEAR Campaign has continued to lobby with allies and speak with governments about the reform process. We have been meeting and working with supportive countries, the Co-chairs of the System-wide Coherence process, and the UN Secretariat to discuss strategies to encourage Member States to adopt a resolution to create the new gender entity by the end of this General Assembly session. Some governments have been strategizing in smaller meetings about how to move the process forward, notably by forming and speaking as North/South groups, researching past UN resolutions to create new entities, and even pledging funds for the new entity when it is established. Member States of the General Assembly have expressed a consensus for the model that the GEAR Campaign advocates for, namely a “composite” entity that would combine policy-making and field-level programs. There is considerable momentum, energy and excitement around UN discussions to reform its institutional structures devoted to gender issues, and the GEAR Campaign is working harder than ever to push Member States to agree on a resolution to create this new, improved gender entity at the UN.

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