WEDO, in partnership with the Women and Gender Constituency, held a webinar series and on-site strategy meeting, in preparation for the 22nd Conference of Parties (COP22). WEDO’s Co-Director Bridget Burns led the webinar, Getting Ready for COP22: Deep Dive into the Upcoming Negotiations from a Gender Lens, on Oct 21st and Nov 2nd, 2016.

You may review the webinars on WEDO’s youtube channel or see below.

Part 1 (October 21st): Getting Ready for COP22

Part One of this two series webinar starts by setting the context for what the role of the UNFCCC is, what the evolution in themes and issue areas has been over the years, including on gender, what were the steps which led to the Paris Agreement and where we are now. It highlights the thematic issue areas, the geopolitical make-up of countries in the UNFCCC process, and an explanation of relevant acronyms.

Part 2 (November 2nd): Getting ready for COP22

Part Two of this two series webinar highlights the Women and Gender Constituency key demands for the upcoming COP22 in Marrakech. It examines the key entry points for advocacy at the upcoming COP22 and reviews the skills, techniques, and lessons learned in promoting women’s human rights into this policy space. It also starts a dialogue around key concepts which WEDO and members of the Women and Gender Constituency are utilizing to re-frame the narrative around climate action, including just transition and energy democracy.


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