Solutions Spotlights

Community and Policy Advocacy for Sustainable Agroforestry & Land Restoration (Kenya)

Association of Women in Agriculture Kenya (AWAK)  is a community and policy focused organization that challenges traditional agribusinesses by moving communities towards sustainable forms of agroforestry and land restoration through capacity building and impact driven programs. AWAK couples this programming with national policy advocacy for gender just programs related to agriculture and land policy.

Project Highlight: Health and Nutrition Through Sack Gardens 

AWAK trained 700 urban women in slums to convert former domestic dumping sites into vegetable gardens, using organic compost to enrich the soil and biomass waste to produce biochar. The project provides women with sustainable sources of livelihood, and builds a holistic recovery program for women experiencing gender based violence and impacts from the climate crisis.

*GJCS Honoree, 2021
*GJCS Scale Fund Recipient, 2022


Espacio de Encuentro de las Culturas Originarias (Meeting Space for Original Cultures) (Mexico)

EECO AC is a women-led advocacy organization bringing technical knowledge and experience from indigenous and rural women around Oaxaca to the larger community. Programs include radio advocacy programming, video storytelling, workshops and community training, and feminist economic approaches to supporting indigenous artisans. Their indigenous storytelling and programs lead to increased participation of indigenous women in local and state policy processes. 

Project Highlight: Avanzando Hacia La Justicia Climática 

Women from indigenous communities in Oaxaca are raising awareness and advancing towards climate justice through the training, construction, use and maintenance of eco-technologies. This project has been shown to various municipalities, communities, and online communities in Oaxaca to share indigenous stories of climate resilience.

*GJCS Honoree, 2019
*GJCS Scale Fund Recipient 2021


Water Irrigation Systems for the Most Vulnerable Communities (India)

Bhungroo systems last for 30 years, mitigating waterlogging on farm and land while also providing irrigated water for crops during farming seasons. The project relies on trained rural Women Climate Leaders (WCLs), who promote the technology and deliver fee-based agriculture expert advice. The co-ownership model has facilitated access to irrigation and farming facilities to smallholders, with each one ensuring food-security to 30-100 rural poor and generating income of approximately USD $5700+ per year.

This project has been replicated in Togo, Ghana, and Madagascar.

*GJCS Awardee, 2018
*GJCS Scale Fund Recipient, 2023

Localization of Climate Services for Community Resilience (Philippines)

Rice Watch Action Network works to help reduce or avoid climate related losses and damages to agriculture livelihoods through tools and government advocacy. Their programs and schools inform farmers, municipalities, and other affected groups about ‘ecological agriculture methods to help them prepare for and cope with adverse short- and long-term weather patterns and climate change.

Project Highlight: Gender-informed risk management tools

Rice Watch Action Network is building a guidance tool on a gender-informed weather-climate and women’s livelihoods risk matrix and specific risk management options. The tool  will serve as the main training document for the local governments that are performing localization of climate services for farmers and fishers.

*GJCS Honoree, 2018
*GJCS Scale Fund Recipient, 2023


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