Today at 10:30am in the Drew Room, on the ground floor of the Church Center, the following event, Rio+20 via CSW: Roadmapping the Year Ahead is being sponsored by WEDO and Energia.  Because the Drew Room only holds 35 people, it is planned to be more of a discussion based on the below points.

The goal of the session is to understand the range of preparations by women for Rio+20, expectations out of Rio+20, and how women intend to follow up AFTER Rio+20. One focus will be on the real priorities of women – what we feel are non-negotiables for action, regardless of the Rio outcomes. The output willinclude a mapping of

(1) organizations and their focus area (2) preparatory activities (3) priorities from Rio through to the next CSW (4) potential new partnerships for action/research, etc.

The session will be an interactive discussion/strategy session, framed by a few brief initial presentations. The discussion will help create the outputs above, and will offer a chance for in-depth discussion on some key areas (e.g. land rights and/or land grabs, climate change, water).

One important piece of the discussion will be firsthand experience of women in their communities/regions, as a means to inform the outputs and strategy.

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