A WEDO fact sheet on women in the economic decision-making arena.

Economic decisions affect the lives of all people. Globalization, the opening of markets and the deregulation of industries have significant impacts on businesses, employees and families all over the world. Women, who comprise a majority of the world’s poor, are at particular risk when it comes to global economic policy-making. Yet of all policy-making areas, economics and finance are those in which women have the lowest levels of representation.

As part of its ongoing 50/50 campaign to promote gender balance in decision-making, based on a belief that women can make a difference in policy outcomes, WEDO has reviewed women’s representation in the decision-making structures of the major global financial institutions—the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, relevant United Nations bodies and Regional Banks. The numbers speak for themselves.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves (2002) (pdf)

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