A WEDO fact sheet that reviews U.S. failure to ratify key UN human rights and environmental treaties.

How has the U.S. used its influence? It has tried to establish a double standard for international rules, seeking condemnation of its enemies, but endeavoring to exempt itself and its allies from any UN scrutiny. It portrays itself as a world leader in human rights and environmental issues, yet has failed to sign or ratify many of the major treaties or “conventions”addressing these concerns. When new conventions are under negotiation, the U.S. is among the most confrontational countries, waging a continual diplomatic war for exemption from international standards. U.S. unilateralism in foreign policy dates back many decades, but the George W. Bush administration has taken it to new extremes.

Here is a look at the U.S. stance on a few of the more than 500 existing UN multinational treaties.

The United States Wages Conventional Warfare at the United Nations (2002) (pdf)

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