Suman Saurav

WEDO is excited to welcome Suman Saurav as our Digital Communications Associate!

Suman is a Dalit queer feminist from India, working at the intersection of caste, gender, sexuality, storytelling, and digital advocacy. As a Digital Communications Associate at the Women’s Environment and Development Organization, she works toward supporting and amplifying the stories around these intersections from an environmental justice perspective. As a law graduate with a Masters in Human Rights law, her skills lie in societal and evidence-based research and policy analysis, and she uses her skills and legal knowledge to create highly engaging and informative digital media campaigns, workshops, and training around intersectional feminist leadership and activism.

Could you share an interesting fact about yourself?

I am an avid binge watcher. My longest stretch was when I watched an anime called Naruto for 36 hours straight. No, I am not proud of this fact (maybe just a little).

What are you excited to bring to the WEDO team? 

My community history and lived experiences. As a Dalit queer woman hailing from a remote village in Odisha, India, I am what I am today because of the relentless resistance feminist foremothers from my community have shown in the face of oppression, discrimination, and injustice. I wish to come to WEDO with this history and hope in my heart to continue working toward the feminist dream of creating a just, sustainable and equitable world for those who would continue the legacy all us feminists, especially from the margins, are creating right now.

What’s your vision toward #FeministClimateJustice, or one thing that is most important to you in this work? 

Advocating for the importance of prioritizing marginalized voices — not just at the core of our activism, but also at its leadership, without tokenizing or appropriating them.

What’s bringing you hope for the year ahead?

Empathy I see everyday in the people around me. As long as empathy exists, I know we will continue to have it in our hearts to fight another fight.

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