by Bridget Burns, Project and Communications Coordinator (and Young Feminist Activist /Social Media Geek) at WEDO

During a recent video blog, my  interviewer asked me a question on ecofeminism, and how WEDO defines ecofeminism. My inadequate response was basically trying to juxtaposition two types of ecofeminism, one which posits women’s innate relation to nature as mothers and caregivers and one which is focused on the socially constructed roles of women as natural resource managers and caregivers, seeing them not just as passive victims of environmental degradation nor as stewards of the cleaning up the Earth, but as being in certain spaces of discrimination and vulnerability as well as possessing key knowledge and skills integral to sustainable solutions.

However, it dawned on me in that moment that I had adopted a very academic approach to understanding ecofeminism and haven’t had the opportunity or space to sufficiently dialogue on the topic, to understand the views and values of other young feminists and to truly redefine an ecofeminism or a feminism for sustainable development which reflects the reality of the world we live in today.

So here is the question:

What does the term ecofeminism mean to you?

How can we engage as young women and young feminists in these spaces and processes?

What does it mean to have a feminist perspective to sustainable development?


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