Bonn, Germany, June 17th 2011– Today, WEDO’s Rachel Harris delivered an intervention on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency at the UNFCCC.

“Despite clear evidence of the gender differentiated impacts of climate change, especially in developing countries, vulnerability assessments and adaptation studies do not reflect such differentiation and thus limit the efficiency of such analyses for appropriate gender sensitive adaptation measures. The review of the guidelines could provide several opportunities for countries to do so. Therefore, in vulnerability assessments and adaptation studies Parties should include gender analyses and gender-related information, as relevant.”

Download the full intervention or watch below:


Another intervention was also delivered at the closing of the SBSTA plenary, this by Ulrike Roehr of LIFE e.V. speaking on REDD and ensuring gender considerations in safeguards. Click here to download the intervention or click here to watch (starting at 01:33:29)

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