Ensuring women contribute to and benefit from equitable climate solutions

A comprehensive resource kit from UNFPA and WEDO on gender, population and climate change. Learn how gender equality can reduce vulnerability to climate change impacts and how women are uniquely positioned to help curb the harmful consequences of a changing climate.

The Resource Kit includes six components that can be accessed as a complete booklet or as individual documents.

The Resource Kit in its entirety: (Booklet English, Booklet French) (Cover English)

The individual components:

1. Overview: Women at the Forefront (English, French)
2. Policy that Supports Gender Equality (English, French)
3. Common Ground:  In Bangladesh, Ghana, Nepal, Senegal and Trinidad and Tobago (English, French)
4. Making NAPAs Work for Women (English, French)
5. Financing that Makes a Difference (English, French)
6. Educate and Advocate (English, French)

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