New York, March 2nd 2011– On Tuesday, March 1st, CSW held an interactive panel on its Emerging Issue for CSW55: Gender equality and sustainable development. WEDO’s Interim Executive Director Ms. Monique Essed-Fernandes spoke along with the following distinguished panelists:

  • Ms. Henrietta Elizabeth Thompson, Executive Coordinator of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development
  • Mr. Robert Freling, Executive Director of the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF)
  • Ms. Albina Ruiz, Funder and President of Grupo Cuidad Saludable (Health Cities Group)

Ms. Essed-Fernandes’ presentation addressed the question of women and sustainable development in the light of the upcoming 20 year review in 2012 of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED)– recalling what happened in the UN some 19 years ago and reflecting on what had been achieved and importantly on what had not been accomplished.

Click here to download the working paper from this event.

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