NEW YORK (April 23, 2013) — WEDO is very pleased to share the launch of a new publication entitled “Sustainable Economy and Green Growth: Who Cares?”- linking care, livelihood and sustainable economy.

The publication is a result of February 2013 workshop organized by WEDO partners LIFE and GENANET, together with the German Ministry of Environment, in Berlin. The aim of the workshop was to discuss how women’s unpaid work and care economy can be incorporated into sustainable development to achieve gender justice. Different voices and perspectives, from scholars and activists from the global North and South, discussed the growing concern about the emergent terminology of “green economy” in development agendas that ignore its social and environmental dimensions.

The resulting publication includes several essays from this diverse group of thought leaders and activists, reflections on the workshop, as well as perspectives on the way forward including an interview with WEDO Program Coordinator Eleanor Blomstrom and Incoming-Board Chair, Marcela Tovar who attended the workshop.

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