The road is long and the battles many… For me it is a journey and I continue to pursue it wherever fate leads me…I learned to rise from the ashes of disappointment and look to the road yet ahead.” – Wangari Maathai

After the passing of our dear friend and mentor, Wangari Maathai, WEDO has spent the past two days reflecting on our fortunate experiences with this incredible woman. In doing so we have un-earthed a piece written by Wangari following the passing of WEDO co-founder Bella Abzug. In it Wangari shares her story, the life of a woman who overcame any obstacle she encountered with a boundless sense of hope. Her strength led her to accomplish unparalleled success in the work of human and women’s rights, not only in her home country of Kenya but around the world. In the attached article from our 1998 newsletter, Wangari explains the hardships endured throughout her journey and how she managed to rise above the corruption and politics, which so fervently worked to silence her voice.

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