New York, May 11th 2011– Last week, WEDO opened its doors to old friends and new colleagues for an evening of engaging conversation and networking. This ‘Open House’ was the first of a series of events WEDO is planning to celebrate our 20th Anniversary!

For our first reception, WEDO honored long-time mentor and much loved friend, Irene Dankelman, who stepped down as Board Chair of WEDO on May 1st- after 10 years of dedicated service. Highlights also included remarks from Liz Abzug, daughter of WEDO’s founder Bella Abzug, and our newly appointed Executive Director, Cate Owren.

A lovely article on the event was written by guest Martha Shaw, who stated: “For me, WEDO was like discovering a treasure trove of international mentors and luminaries.”

See below for some pictures:

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