Women represent more than 50 percent of the world’s population yet continue to be under-represented at all levels of governmental decision-making. When it comes to climate change—the most important issue of our time—women are noticeably absent from the discourse and debate around this global crisis.

The leadership of women parliamentarians and decision-makers is urgently needed to bring a gender perspective, particularly the voices and experiences of poor women, to equitably shape climate change policies.

WEDO collaborates with women parliamentarians in various regions and countries to bring women’s voices into governmental climate change policies and programs, as well as legislation.

In October 2008, WEDO was a co-organizing partner for CAPWIP’s  Third Global Congress of Women in Politics and Governance, in Manila, Philippines, which focused on gender in climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.

The conference brought together parliamentarians and other decision-makers, along with UN and civil society leaders, to commit to action on gender and climate change.

Manila Declaration for Global Action on Gender in Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction

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