New York, NY (August 10, 2015)- The Women’s Major Group, made up of more than 600 women’s organizations and networks from around the world, recognizes the historic agenda for global sustainable development that 193 governments agreed to on Sunday.

The Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 succeeded in giving environmental goals a gender perspective as well as enumerating a number of rights and protections for women including the expansion of women’s economic opportunities, recognition of the value of unpaid care work, and access to sexual and reproductive health care for women and girls.

In spite of these accomplishments, there is much room for improvement as explained by Eleanor Blomstrom: “We have a climate goal and a threshold for temperature rise, but it’s still not ambitious enough, for women and girls, and for the world, to tackle the drivers of climate change and launch a transformation toward energy sources that are not only sustainable but safe and gender-responsive.”

Read the attached Agenda.

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