NEW YORK (March 5, 2015)- WEDO and partners will travel to Sendai, Japan next week for the 2015 World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR), where Member States will agree on the post-2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. As Organizing Partner of the Women’s Major Group for DRR, WEDO is facilitating the official inputs of women’s groups to the conference. Advocates for women’s human rights, gender equality and women’s leadership in the DRR context working at all levels and regions will be attending. In the last few days before the conference, much work remains to ensure a strong outcome for women and women’s rights, as well as a strong outcome overall to ensure shared global ambition in all phases of disaster risk management. <p>

Priorities of the WMG include: reference to women’s human rights in the Declaration and integrated in the framework for action; women’s leadership and gender equality in the Guiding Principles; commitment to collection and use of gender disaggregated data; goals and targets to facilitate implementation of gender-responsive policy and actions across all countries, communities and women, men, girls and boys – not focused only on the average; accountability to ensure targets are met for all; and a focus on public, equitable and transparent financing. Further the WMG will advocate for the role of Major Groups in implementing and follow-up of the framework, as well as strong linkages to other important 2015 process such as financing for development, climate and the post-2015 development agenda.

Watch for updates from the conference from @wedo_worldwide and via #wcdrr #sendai

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