WEDO’s Rachel Whiting delivered a presentation titled ‘We Talk the Talk, but We Don’t Walk the Walk: The U.S. Failure to Abide by International Policies, Treaties and Laws’, emphasizing on the US failure to ratify many major conventions and treaties.

Portraying itself as a world leader in human rights and environmental issues, the US has failed to sign or ratify many major treaties or “conventions.”  US unilateralism is not new, but the George W. Bush administration has taken it to new extremes.  The pre-emptive war in Iraq is the most explicit case to date.  A multilateral US foreign policy would advance international law and human rights, including women’s rights, and would support a strong and effective multilateral system with the United Nations at its center.

To read the presentation, click here: We Talk the Talk, but We Don’t Walk the Walk (.doc)

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